We believe in doing missions both locally and globally. As a church the desire of our heart is to get the message of the gospel to those who don't know Christ. We participate in missions financially by giving 10% of all of our money to mission causes throughout our community, our state, and the world. And we also participate in missions by praying and going.


Local Mission Focus

We do a number of different service and missions projects in our community.  For example:

…at a local Golden Living Elderly Care Facility where we lead a worship service on the first Sunday afternoon of every month.

…the in-house rehabilitation facility for women called Fresno First: Hacienda.  This is a facility where women who are dealing with addiction and recovery can live with up to 2 of their children (under the age of 7). Our church has an annual outreach event at the facility to minister to the women and their children, and a handful of other things throughout the year to bless them, like a book collection.

…at the Fresno County Juvenile Detention Facility (aka Juvenile Hall) where every December we host a Christmas party for one of the pods of youth.  We play games, sing Christmas carols, share the Christmas story, eat with them, and more. 

…we are one of the sponsor churches for a local church plant called The Gathering Church in south Clovis.  They had their public launch in August 2017.  http://www.valleygathering.org/

 …and, on top of those things, we strongly encourage individuals within the church to be “on mission” in their own way… outside of what we plan and do as a whole church!  For example, we have a family involved in the Fresno Rescue Mission, one lady who has been involved with the Pregnancy Care Center, one man who serves as a Clovis Police Chaplain, one guy who has started a Christian Sober Living home, one family that opens their home and their hearts by housing teens for the local hockey club, one lady who serves on the Board of Directors for Calvin Crest Christian Camp, and more.  Even our pastor is involved in local missions outside of the church, as he is the Board of Directors of a local non-profit focused on families and children called Infant of Prague Adoption Services.

…and, finally, as a church we believe there is a great need in our community to be involved in ministry to a group of people that the Bible would call “orphans.”  For that reason we promote, encourage, and support our families that get involved in foster care and adoption.  As of right now (Summer 2017) we have 6 families that are currently or in the process of becoming what Fresno County now calls Resource Families.


International Missions

Global missions is a high priority for us at Soma. We recognize that most of the people in the world that do not know the goodness and grace of Christ are living outside of the United States.  With that in mind, we want to be a church that loves and reaches the nations as best as we can. We directly support several missionary works.

We also join with other Southern Baptist churches to support over 4,000 missionaries around the world through giving to the International Mission Board.  For more info you can check out their website at imb.org.  

Along with prayer and financial support we lead trips periodically to help serve others with the love of Jesus.  In the short history of Soma Christian Church we have sent two mission teams to Belize, a team to Armenia, a team to Utah (yes, we realize this isn't international), a team to Haiti, two teams to Japan, and one team to Israel.

On top of that, we strongly encourage people within the congregation to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit to serve internationally or domestically their own or as a team outside of Soma.  As such, we have had individuals and families serve with Amore Ministries in Mexico, with Joni & Friends in Romania, with missionaries in Indonesia, and more.

If you are interested in Soma missions, please call the office 559.292.6595 or email us at info@somachristian.com